Sky's the Limit...



Brief History

Our Squallteam Electronics team of experts in France needed a tool to regulate our servers’ video streams and for the electric and electronic management of our CHRONOS HPC (High Performance Computer). Thus, we produced this keyboard that is truly built like the dashboard of a spacecraft; during breaks, our engineers played games on the touchscreen, which gave us the idea to create a gaming device. Our main interest was to study, on one hand, what gamers and of the multimedia. want and, on the other, the shortcomings of our competitors. The team, then, established Squallteam Electronics USA LLC to offer all these technological innovations.

Welcome to the new age of technology

The Hyperion keyboard is a powerful and affordable device that combines the functions of a computer, a console, and a mechanical gaming keyboard to fulfill the needs of gaming enthusiasts as well as any other consumer. It is built  like the  dashboard of a spacecraft that can be connected to any type of TV or computer and is truly unlike any other keyboard currently on the market.